Illuminating Sounds to Charge Your Soul!

Acoustic Light Brigade (ALB) is the project of Jess Wells, Josh Batenhorst, Ginny Andino, and Greg Dolezal - four unique voices blending in harmony. Pulling inspiration from the high plains of Texas, las playas de Puerto Rico, the streets of New Orleans, and the Georgia heat, ALB is determined to spread light into the darkness…and occasionally vice versa. Bring your shades and your shiny attire - it’s gonna be a party!

Ginny Andino

Originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico, Ginny Andino (vocals, guitar, flutes, accordion) has been performing since she was 5 years old, both in PR and throughout the USA. She plays guitar, flute, recorder, accordion and piano. She is trained in opera, classical choral, ballet, jazz and modern dance, and musical theatre. She is a public school educator but she hasn’t let that break her spirit yet! With a voice that can penetrate your soul with sweet solo soprano à la Joan Baez, or disappear into a blended harmony like Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls, her sound is specifically tuned to shed light on YOU! 

Greg Dolezal

Gregory Dolezal (bass & backing vocals) grew up in New Orleans and Athens, GA. The son of a career musician, he has performed his entire life and attended Interlochen Arts Academy on a Trombone scholarship before attending UGA. He later spent nine years in the music industry as a booking agent, playing as a sideman, and leading bands in Nashville as a singer/songwriter and guitarist before accepting work in East Asia for 16 years. He fronted original bands featuring international players and toured SE Asia. Now he’s back home in Georgia and has reunited with his family and longtime friends.

Josh Batenhorst

Josh Batenhorst (aka “Capt. Josh,” aka “Capt. Happy,” aka “CEO” - vocals, guitar, percussion) has been writing songs since his teenage years on the plains of West Texas. A devotee of the Texas troubadour tradition he finds inspiration in whimsical, thoughtful, heartfelt lyrics and simple songs that seek the truth - be it light or dark. He has been a veteran of Asheville stages both on stage and behind the scenes since 2002. A prolific writer, he decided to turn his focus to music in 2022 to share all the stories in his heart. 

Jess Wells

Jess Wells (guitar, vocals) is a performing musician and theatre professional. His work as a composer has been seen on stages in Atlanta for more than 15 seasons. A multi-instrumentalist -  he plays violin, mandolin and bass in addition to his unique electric-acoustic sound on the guitar. Previous bands include Jyve Tractor, Almighty Sol Shakers, and Cosmic Fire, playing stages from small venues to large festivals. In 2023 and in life, he hopes to be intelligent, brave and kind. 


Acoustic Light Brigade is a metaphorical translation from the Sanskrit that literally means "Bringers Of The Sundae"

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